Microscope Objective Lens

Type > High Quality

  • Zeiss Opmi Microscope Objective Lens F 300 T 60mm Thread
  • Motic Microscope Objective Lm Plan 50x/0.55 Wd8.4 /0 Rms
  • Leica Wild M3z Stereo Microscope With Wild 10x21 Eyepieces And 1x Objective
  • Nikon Cf Plan 5x/0.13 / 0 Epi Microscope Objective Wd 22.5mm & Body Adapter
  • Nikon Measuring Tool Microscope Tm Mm Objective Lens 3x-a
  • Nikon Microscope Tu Plan Elwd 50x Ofn25 Wd11 Epi D Objective Mue61500
  • Set Of 4 Olympus Microscope Infinite Objectives Rms Thread For Cx22 Cx23
  • Nikon Microscope Objective Fluor 100x/1.30 Iris
  • Leica N Plan 20x/0.40 /0/d 566011 M25 Infinity Microscope Objective 2#
  • Zeiss Opmi Microscope Fine Focusing Objective Lens F=300mm
  • Leica M80 Stereo Microscope With 40x6 Eyepieces And 0.32x Objective Tested